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           BMW Project Cars & DesignBolt eBay Auctions

About Us - DesignBolt.


Hello Fellow Enthusiasts!!!

DesignBolt strives to be honest individuals looking to help out those who have car trouble or are in need of particular items such as BMW parts. Please do not be afraid to ask for advice on BMW car parts (especially the E30 and E36 body style). I have plenty of experience with these cars and even have project cars on the side. I have owned 13 E30s and several E36 BMWs.

We do maintain a Store that sells car parts. Please visit that link above.

1) Once an item is received and installed on your automobile, a Fellow Ebayer is welcome to email photos of their Ride to be part of Our RIDE GALLERY.
2) If you would like your car showcased, please email a description of your automobile with the photos.
3) Not all cars will be showcased.

Feel free to browse our site and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can always contact us from the above link provided.

Best Regards to All !!!!

Philip Hanna


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