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           BMW Project Cars & DesignBolt eBay Auctions

Welcome to DesignBolt.


This site showcases BMW project cars, includes a ride gallery and links to our eBay auctions page.


[BMW E30 335i Project]  

BMW E30 325i MtechII Project!!! -
January 2012 - present


[BMW E30 335i Project]  

BMW E30 335i Project!!! -
February 2005 - March 2011


[BMW E30 335i Project]  

DesignBolt:**The Store**!!! -
Various make and model car parts for sale


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-->DesignBolt eBay: **The Store**

-->DesignBolt: **The Store**
for all your BMW car part needs!!

Enjoy the site!! Cheers, Philip.


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